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Upcoming Gigs :

Vortex Trance Adventures Festival - 13 Dec 2018

HeartCore - Rainbow - Mar 2019


Performances include: Alien Safari - Flying Circus 2018, Vortex Phoenix of Fire Festival 2018, Origin Festival 2018, Earth Dance - CPT 2017, Vortex Trance Adventures 2017, UltraNoize, Ears Don't Lie, Sprung - Alien Safari, Southern Tipsy (STP), Vortex Parallel Universe Festival, Altered States - Lunar Festival, Origin Festival, Phoenix Festival, Rez Fest NYE Festival, Underground Party NYE Festival, OS Vortex Festival, Tree of Life Festival - Turkey, Vortex Phoenix of Fire Festival, FlipSide Events, The Oddessy Festival, Reboot Events, MCQP Festival, PsySailing e’Scape, Mid-Night cuts, NYE 2014/2015, Swordfern Emporium launch event, HeartCore festival, the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat 2014, AfrikaBurn 2013 & 2015, SummerCamp party, RaveRover, Vice City, Technophone - Red Telephone events, Far Far Away AfrikaBurn decompression party, Fiction nightclub.

European bookings : July - August 2019
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